COVID -19 Update - School Closed

We advise that Cavendish School doors will be closing as of 5.30pm Thursday 26th March.  All of our students are at home with several self isolating.

Cavendish is more than just a building and although our doors will be closing, staff will be working from home and communicating with parents and students to support with learning.   Tutors will also be calling our parents every week, some more than others especially if they have been highlighted as being vulnerable.    We will continue to liaise with Social Workers and YOS Workers to support our students.  

Teachers and tutors have been advised that our safeguarding protocols remain unchanged, and if they have any concerns after speaking to a parent, carer or student that they are to contact one of our other 6 Designated Safeguarding Lead’s. We will remain in contact with relevant social workers and MASH teams.

Assuring you of our best endeavours at all times.


Stay safe and healthy.