COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

We have set up this page to help parents and carers keep updated on advice issued by UK Government and what is happening with our school.

Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope that you are all fit and well, and managing with the lockdown restrictions.   We all know why we are staying indoors but as time goes on it gets harder especially when the weather is nice outside.


We are continuing with the same procedures here in school; staff phoning and work being sent either electronically, by post and website, but we know that things will have to change soon.  The next COVID-19 Government announcement will be on Thursday 7th May in regards to lockdown measures. With a follow up on Sunday on how the restrictions are going to be lifted.   As soon as we have clear guidance from the Government / Department of Education we will advise by email of the schools plans for a phased re-opening of school.


Please be aware it will not be like flicking a switch it is easier to stop something than it is to restart something. So I imagine we will be returning to school in a staggered phased return, in other words not all together and not for a whole day, but we will see what comes out of the Government talks next week and keep you informed.  I can say that there will be a number of additional rules that our students will need to adhere to, and we will make sure that you are clear about these nearer the time.


The Senior Management team will be meeting next week to discuss the whole school risk assessment in regards to COVID-19 and social distancing. 


In the meantime, we send you our heartfelt thank you all our families for the sacrifices you have all made, by staying indoors you have really helped to save lives and protect the NHS.  We need to make sure that we all continue to do our bit and keep everyone safe from this terrible disease especially as we emerge from the present lockdown.


If you are having difficulties with school work please contact the teachers on their school mobile or email and the information will be forwarded to the relevant teacher.


E-Safety activities for all the family just a click away: 


FSM – if you think you qualify then please read and following instructions detailed in the school email sent on 21st April 2020.


Please click on the link below for the latest guidance from government for parent and carers: 


Stay safe and healthy,

Lots of Love

Cavendish Team

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Please click on this link for the government advice for Parents and Carers: