Is this a proper school?

Yes, Cavendish School is an independent special school for children aged between 11 and 16. We offer the same curriculum subjects, and students take the same exams as those taken in mainstream school. The main difference between Cavendish and a regular mainstream school is the class size. Our classes have a maximum of six students, and there are only 42 children in the whole school.

In my child’s last school they had free school meals. Do you provide these?

Yes we do, but they are free for all children, so all parents do not have to worry about a bill each week, and we know that children perform better if they are well fed with adequate water.

Does my child need to wear a school uniform?

Yes, all students are required to wear school uniform which the school provides free of charge.

I do not live locally. Are there any travel arrangements in place?

Many authorities support the child’s travel arrangements to and from school, but it is arranged on an individual basis. We also offer free travel training to our students with support from transport for London, Southwark Council and Metropolitan Police.

My child is not very academic; do you also do vocational subjects?

Yes we arrange individual flexible programmes of study that allow us to provide accredited vocational provision for students. We also provide extra lessons in literacy and numeracy for all students.

Can my child still do exams here in year 11?

We prepare students to sit entry exams as well as GCSE’s in all major subjects.

Do children take SATs here?

All children take exams at Cavendish school. The key stage 3 SATs exams are taken internally and their results reported to parents and used to inform the school as to children’s progress and future provision.

When children leave where do they go? Do any go onto further education?

All children are prepared in key stage 4 and before they leave school, they are visited by Connexion advisers as well as visiting other careers officers. Students go on to college to study a number of different courses, while others join training schemes, and apprenticeship programmes.

If my child needs extra help; what then?

We provide extra help in literacy and numeracy within the school setting, as well as anger management and art therapy. We also contact outside agencies if this would benefit the student in any way.