Film Making

Film Making

In conjunction with Chris Haydon of CTTV, actress Siren Turner and with funding from various sources we have made several short films as part of our Art, English and Drama curriculums.

The short films were devised and scripted by the students with help from Chris and Siren.  Following rehearsals the students acted out the scenes and Chris perfected the final edits.

We also produced some one-minute pieces for Bermondsey Square.

Click on the following links to see our work:


"NO VICTORY", a story about young people in gangs, is the first film drama made by students at Cavendish School, with funded support from Community TV Trust. It was produced in summer 2014.

MOCK 123

"MOCK 123" is a film drama created and acted by students at Cavendish School. They chose the theme of cyber-bullying.



Alfies Square Picture 

Cavendish School at Bermondsey Square: pictures assembled by Alfie.

Legitimate by Harry -

Nice Place by Connor G -

Chill in the Square by Liam & Ryan -


Take a look at our documentary filmed by CTTV in 2016