At Cavendish School, we set all our pupils homework. We do this because we believe that it can help pupils to achieve their positive potential more fully than if we simply relied on study done during timetabled curriculum time under a teacher’s immediate supervision.

Reasons for setting homework

More specifically, there are several reasons why we believe that we should set all pupils homework:

  • It encourages and helps to develop independent study skills.
  • It can strengthen and consolidate school learning.
  • It permits appropriate extension of work done by pupils in lessons.It may be a requirement of particular courses (e.g. aspects of GCSE courseworks).
  • It formalises for pupils the fact that learning can, should and does occur outside school as well as inside school.
  • It permits some parental involvement in pupils’ school-related work.

Features of good homework

If homework is to be effective in achieving its desired aims, it will ideally have the following features:

  • Be clearly set and explained, written down and properly recorded in homework diaries.
  • Be relevant and of interest to pupils.
  • Be appropriately differentiated.
  • Be carefully planned and appropriately integrated with classwork.
  • Be structured and manageable.  This is especially true with larger, longer tasks.  These need to be broken down and recorded properly each week in the homework diary.
  • State how long the homework should take (minimum and maximum time indicated).