London Youth Rowing

London Youth Rowing is an organisation based in south London  but have sites based across east south and north London.

They offer opportunities to young people of all ages who have never experienced being in a boat stroke rowing boat or machines.

It also gives the young people another chance to look at how they can improve their own fitness and to try out a different sport.

London Youth Rowing will come into our school and supply us with a rowing coach  who’s name is Kieran. He provides us with indoor work shop programmes for our students. London youth rowing even provide the school with rowing machines so that they can be used during our school day and even in our PE sessions.

Our rowing coach comes in every 2 weeks to see how we are doing and informs us of any future competitions that London Youth Rowing are organising within the local boroughs. Hopefully in the months to come we can put together a Cavendish Rowing team.  Wathch this space!