National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day
Operation Makesafe is an initiative to identify potential victims of child sexual exploitation and, where necessary to deploy police officers to intervene before any harm occurs to the young person.
This initiative initially commenced in South Yorkshire in 2013. It is now being developed within the MPS and is being rolled out across London Boroughs. The first pilot borough was the London Borough of Waltham Forest which launched the initiative through various businesses in the borough in 07/10/2014. The launch in Southwark is part of a Pan London Launch on 18th March 2015 and coincides with National CSE Day.
Businesses such as hotels, licensed premises and taxi companies are being given awareness training about Op Makesafe and what signs to look out for and what action to take should there be suspicious behaviour or activity on their premises or vehicles.
Boroughs across London are encouraged to engage with their local businesses and promote Op Makesafe in order to prevent offences being committed.