One Small Thing


When you only have a few minutes with a person you can still make a difference.

One Small Thing is striving for positive change in the criminal justice system by implementing small changes in a big way. We facilitate and fund trauma-informed treatment programmes for the prison and community sectors that consider the individual caught in a cycle of crime and incarceration and aim to humanise their process. We strive to shift the noise of blame and judgement and shift the ‘what’s wrong with them'?’ line of questioning to a more effective and healing ‘what happened to them?’ approach.

We listen to the stories of human beings residing in prisons, we address how they are treated, we strive for communication and compassion as opposed to outmoded methods that do not consider the individual. We train staff to understand the trauma of the individual through a lens of empathy and in turn, we help them to heal themselves through working together, as human beings united as opposed to divided, heard as opposed to ignored.

Our name reflects the value of those small things – empathy, compassion, respect – and their combined power to make a big difference to the individual - and to society as a whole.