Staff Long Service Awards

Staff Long Service Awards

Long Service Awards

At Cavendish we want to provide our students with a nuturing and familiar environment.  Most of our past students come back to visit and enjoy seeing staff who helped them through their younger life.

We like to acknowledge our staff who have been with us for long periods of time and we do this by recognising the milestones of 5, 10, 15 and 20 of service.  



Staff who have received TWENTY YEARS Long Service Awards are:

Cheryl Stepton

Jason Dornelly


Staff who have recieved FIFTEEN YEARS Long Service Awards are:

Debbie Forsyth

Sara Craggs

Patricia Shaw

Staff who have recieved TEN YEARS Long Service Awards are:

Steven Watson

Debbie Sycamore

Lorraine Hall

Catherine Pratt

Young Eruenah

Johnny Hall

Staff who have recieved FIVE YEARS Long Service Awards are:

Ellie Alder

Dean Joseph

Des Lewis

Terry Sycamore

Danie Brewster

Foued Mabrouki


Thank you all for your commitment to the students and our school.