Staying Healthy
Hello to all I hope that this brief message finds you and your families all well and in good spirits.  As we all know our country is in a crisis and that these are challenging times right now.  Guess what though?  I am here to inspire you and motivate you all through physical exercise.
We must keep the brain and body active and spread wellbeing to all of those who are connected to us; family, friends and you.
Make exercise a part of your daily routine especially if you have a lot of time on your hands.
You can find a series of exercises on the STUDENT ZONE page under the School Life heading of this web page.
Work out or exercise in your homes , gardens if you have one , or if you can check out your local parks if you are able to as the majority of them now have training equipment for the general public to use.
Dont forget the basic things like walking going for a jog if you are able too , riding a bike if you have one. Skate boarding , even roller skating.
Check out social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube as well as fitness Apps and tutorials to help guide you along your workout programmes.
Lastly sleep well and make sure you eat healthily also and drink plenty of water when you can.
Remember challenge yourselves and keep it moving.
Keep well and safe.